If you're new to Buttletown, and you want to create a character, here's a guide to making one.

Respect The Character

I know that a good part of a story is the characters facing execution and stuff like that, but please be careful if you want to kill a character off.

Good Example: Having a character outright killed near the end of an episode, but making it a major plot point and making it the climax.

Bad Example: Having the character being killed for no reason and make it never adressed again e.g have an episode where Moneybags is murdered by Diranto at the beginning and then the rest of the episode is Stover and Diranto having a 10-hour long argument.


Seriously, people adding characters with no relevance to the plot is what really frustrates me. An example of this is "Thomas" from Regular Show. Sure, he did help save the park in the first episode of Season 4 but after that it feels like he's just there for the sake of having a pointless character.

Make them do something that's important to the plot, so he can be a great character. 

I'll finish the rest later

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