• But if I do, the show will become plenty different.

    I do want to re-start this, but if we want to go anywhere, we are going to need to fix the show up and re-boot it because with the current state of the scripts we have, it's going to be a piece of flying crap.

    I'd be happy to help on the animation as my skills have gotten better. It shouldn't take too long if we're going to make it in extremely limited animation. 

    Remember: THE ANIMATION DOES NOT MATTER. All we need is quality writing, scripts and voice acting and we're all set. My theory of animation is that we should not rely entirely on making the animation good. It's the story that matters. 

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    • It would be good to get back to the creation of this again. Even though we've never completely written an episode, let alone release it. It was still fun gathering everyone up for it. Specially the voice acting roles as I got to play a major part in it, but never got to publicly release the reels...

      Yep it was fun... Hopefully something good happens in this series' future...

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