• Yes, i'm doing this idea for real.

    This is meant to be an 18-minute special completely focused around Stover being found by a cartoonist and then making him the main-character of a cartoon show. Instead of doing that predictable plot of Stover missing Buttletown and coming back, we have a plot twist where  production messes up and he's nearly cancelled.

    Act 2:

    Not wanting to go back to Buttletown, Stover goes through Toonland and rewrites other cartoons to keep his alive, while unknowingly screwing animation as a whole up.

    Act 3: Animation is falling apart and when Stover realises his screw-up he goes through and re-writes animation AS A WHOLE and he reverses everything. Stover goes back to Buttletown, but then he realises that he's back to Square 1. The episode ends with Stover saying "Dammit..."

    As long as it would take to make this special, it would be worth it for how awesome it would be. So the aim is to do a Wham Episode and get great reception from people, and get more views. I'd like to direct and write this one, Stover is best character. 

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