• But hell, I just came up with the greatest way of finishing off the first season as possible.

    What will be the best ever of the season and will be the greatest thing ever in animation? A finale called "Diranto Becomes A God".

    To summarize, Diranto drinks a potion and becomes a god. He decides that with his new powers he will bring peace to the land.

    He doesn't, and instead he just goes and gets everything he wants for free ("I'm a God now, so I can get my DVDs for free.") In the end, he has to pay full price for a person who doesn't care and then he decides to cancel the entire show.

    The episode ends with an executive telling him that the show is going for a second season but he fired the creator and now the show will be crap. 

    Of course that's not the case IRL, but it's a funny way to end the first season. 

    The episode is told entirely in a talk show format, and most of the main plot is told in flashback. 

    Since we don't have a deadline anymore, I can write a couple more episodes and this can be one of them.

    It's going to be the best of the season, I can tell you that.

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