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  • But if I do, the show will become plenty different.

    I do want to re-start this, but if we want to go anywhere, we are going to need to fix the show up and re-boot it because with the current state of the scripts we have, it's going to be a piece of flying crap.

    I'd be happy to help on the animation as my skills have gotten better. It shouldn't take too long if we're going to make it in extremely limited animation. 

    Remember: THE ANIMATION DOES NOT MATTER. All we need is quality writing, scripts and voice acting and we're all set. My theory of animation is that we should not rely entirely on making the animation good. It's the story that matters. 

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    • It would be good to get back to the creation of this again. Even though we've never completely written an episode, let alone release it. It was still fun gathering everyone up for it. Specially the voice acting roles as I got to play a major part in it, but never got to publicly release the reels...

      Yep it was fun... Hopefully something good happens in this series' future...

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  • The third main characters name has been switched from Welliem, to Cwuft.

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  • Stover: Diranto, we're sorry you have to work so hard.

    Cwuft: Yeah, real sorry.

    Diranto:'s ok

    Stover: No really, we're going to help you with your 24/7 work and tell mr. moneybags that you did all the work.

    Cwuft: Yeah, all the work.

    Diranto: Why..why that's so touching guys..i don't know what to say..

    (The three of them do a group hug)

    Diranto: You know what guys?

    Cwuft and stover; What?

    Diranto: If i had to spend work along with anyone...I SURE DO AS HELL WISH IT WERE'NT YOU TWO DOUCHEBAGS!!!!

    (leaves and then stover and Cwuft just stand there without blinking)

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  • It's VERY good and funny, but don't forget there are two other main characters, Stover and Welliem, they will make an appearance in this episode but WILL NOT be wokring 24/7 but they will be saying things like "I know i'm sorry man" then sometimes they'll be like all making fun of him, here's a part that you should add in it, i came up with it myself..

    (Diranto is working very hard but then Stover and Welliem come in and start making fun of him)

    Stover: Glad i wasn't you.

    Diranto: Shut your bill.

    Stover: At least i have a bill.

    Diranto: GRR...THATS IT!!

    (mr. moneybags spots diranto, who is about to smask stover with a printer)

    Diranto: ....Well, work is frustrating, right mr. moneybags?

    Moneybags: Get back to work.

    @Sweetiebot he said "At least i have a bill" because he has dollar bills and Diranto doesn't. although diranto was talking about stovers duck bill.

    but you write the rest of the whole thing.

    KEEP IN MIND. that since this is the first episode, it will only be like 5 mins long. then the rest we make will be 6-12 mins long, and the specials will be 18 mins long.

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  • You'll be doing...



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    • Ah, that solves that.

      I got my progress so far of the script for Slice Of Life.

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    • Ok good, and now IF we all do popular on YT we may get promoted, BUT i will get promoted first since i created the show. However, i will pay you guys, but for now we're all doing it 4 fun. keep up the good work, i already hired two more voice actors from facebook.

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  • Hi, welcome to Buttletown Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Thread:2060 page. If you need help, read through our help pages or contact a local admin. If there are no active admins here, stop by Community Central and check out our forums.

    Looking for live help? Then join us for an upcoming webinar to chat with staff and other Wikia editors. You can also check our Staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around Wikia. Lastly, check out the Wikia Video Library, where you can find premium licensed videos to add to the wiki.

    All of these links are a great way to start exploring Wikia.

    Happy editing!

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