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  • Wiki died because we're all too busy goofing off to focus on Buttletown

    I'm focusing more on my comic strip and my 3 animations, but i'll try to get back on track once i've finally published my comic.

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  • Yes, i'm doing this idea for real.

    This is meant to be an 18-minute special completely focused around Stover being found by a cartoonist and then making him the main-character of a cartoon show. Instead of doing that predictable plot of Stover missing Buttletown and coming back, we have a plot twist where  production messes up and he's nearly cancelled.

    Act 2:

    Not wanting to go back to Buttletown, Stover goes through Toonland and rewrites other cartoons to keep his alive, while unknowingly screwing animation as a whole up.

    Act 3: Animation is falling apart and when Stover realises his screw-up he goes through and re-writes animation AS A WHOLE and he reverses everything. Stover goes back to Buttletown, but then he realises that he's back to Square 1. The episode ends with Stover saying "Dammit..."

    As long as it would take to make this special, it would be worth it for how awesome it would be. So the aim is to do a Wham Episode and get great reception from people, and get more views. I'd like to direct and write this one, Stover is best character. 

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  • But hell, I just came up with the greatest way of finishing off the first season as possible.

    What will be the best ever of the season and will be the greatest thing ever in animation? A finale called "Diranto Becomes A God".

    To summarize, Diranto drinks a potion and becomes a god. He decides that with his new powers he will bring peace to the land.

    He doesn't, and instead he just goes and gets everything he wants for free ("I'm a God now, so I can get my DVDs for free.") In the end, he has to pay full price for a person who doesn't care and then he decides to cancel the entire show.

    The episode ends with an executive telling him that the show is going for a second season but he fired the creator and now the show will be crap. 

    Of course that's not the case IRL, but it's a funny way to end the first season. 

    The episode is told entirely in a talk show format, and most of the main plot is told in flashback. 

    Since we don't have a deadline anymore, I can write a couple more episodes and this can be one of them.

    It's going to be the best of the season, I can tell you that.

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  • Okay, last time I keep infesting your wall with these things.

    But anyway, maybe when the series goes on a hiatus, we can make these mini-30 second long shorts that are just some filler that is made for fun and nothing else.

    Since it wont take long, maybe we can give it a shot? Perhaps some of these can air between episodes.

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  • Jokes aside, i've had an idea for a backstory called The War. 

    The War happened in 2009, when Flash got really popular. The hand drawn animated characters began fighting over Flash characters, and the hand drawn characters ended up winning. After that, many Flash characters got rejected and were sent to Buttletown, a place for rejected cartoon characters to live when they can't live in a show.

    Mr. Moneybags, a veteran from The War decided to make Flash Inc just because he was broke. 

    This backstory should be mentioned a couple of times in Season One and fully adressed in Season Two. Heck, if we get a third season, maybe we can have an entire episode about it.

    I'm not saying this HAS to be apart of the show, i'm just thinking it's a good idea for a backstory.

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  • I want to be the writer for "Only Job Standing". 

    I also want to name a couple of episodes, because I already have a title for episode 7, called "Bowties And Baskets". If you're a Disney fan, you'll probably get the reference. 

    I'm only writing 3 episodes this season (not counting the Halloween special) because i'm often busy.  I'll have a larger role in S2, due to that having more episodes. 

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    • Yeah, something that can fit my Slice Of Life style a bit more. Meh, I don't think every episode I write has to be in a SOL format, so I guess i'll write this.

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    • Fine with me

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  • If I could direct and write a Halloween special. Since I love Halloween specials more than anything else, I was thinking of a Halloween special where our main characters end up in Stephen King's mind after not inviting a Mary Sue literally named "Mary Sue" to their Halloween party. 

    Yeah, I know that I'm meant to focus more on the Slice Of Life aspect of the show, but I just love halloween specials too much.

    Phoenix Wright (talk) 19:47, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • I'd love to be a character creator/voice actor. I can find backgrounds and do CGI animation, but it'll take forever.


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  • Came because life.


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    • wanna become an admin? wanna be a voice actor on the show? or both? XD

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    • Oh, you're making a TV show? (or a webshow?) Either way, I don't know what this is but i'd like to be an admin or writer or co-writer or something.

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    • You can be a character creator, try to create some characters for the show. i came up with the name but Miggy, Nashokur and others are working on it. Yes, you can voice a character BUT FIRST just like the others. you have to tell me what kind of characters you can sound similar to, and send me some MP3 sound clips, Youtube, facebook, twitter. i have them all you can send me them through any of those. and you can be a co-writer, work on some VERY good jokes. and it's a web show thats coming to YT, (pronounced boot-ul-town) it's about these grouchy flash characters who live in a neighborhood, mowing lawns, saying shut up, highjacking cars. I'll make you an admin.


      (answer them by saying like , 1:yes. 2:no) you want to be an admin on this wiki?

      2.Do you want to be a voice actor on this show?

      3.Do you want to create characters for this show?

      4.Do you want to be a writer on this show?

      5.Do you have a YT, FB or twitter account? (you only need one)

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