Tossing up a small sneak peek of the beginning for the time being

Narrator: Do not imitate these Flash characters. They are not real. I don't need to tell you this because you'd only imitate them if you were under 6, but I don't know anybody under 6 who watches this anyway.

*cut to Science Lab Of Science*

Professer Plasomous: STEVE! I HAVE MADE A NEW INVENTION CALLED THE PLOT DEVICE 9000! It will make anybody who wears this bowtie animated well! People in Buttletown will be able to get jobs and stuff-oh hey the bowties are going away and are heading to Flash. Inc. I'll get the popcorn and watch this.

*scene cut to Diranto going to work*


Moneybags: I don't know. Hey, why don't we sell them for money? We'll be rich!

Narrator: And then Moneybags set up his bowtie stand, and sold his bowties for $2 and- I have to go, I need to go to this person's dinner party.

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